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We believe in enriching our rich culture filled with numerous art forms, one of which is theatre and drama.Theatres, Jatra and dramas have now become an obsolete entity in the field of entertainment. Due to emerging trends in media, the real talents have lost their real value. People have stopped visiting theatres, stopped watching dramas and can hardly relate to our folk culture. And that is why R.Y.M.A has decided to uplift the downtrodden position of the culture, art and significant talents in the society. Every now and then we arrange Theatres, Dramas, and folk-theatres for the entertainment of the art lovers and the education of the new generations. This way our locality stays connected with the folk culture and the advent of theatres. We really want to preserve such talents and thus have our own theatre group. This group consists of people from all age groups. They come together and harmonize as a team to deliver exuberant performances.

About RYMA

We are a 95-years-old organization, established in the year 1924, we haven’t stopped serving our locality since then. Turning the pages of our golden memoir, we go back to the time when there was no such organization to arrange social events for its locality…Read More

Upcoming Event

Russa Sarbojanin Durgotsab: This is the 87th year of our prestigious Durga Puja. This year also we have decided on preserving the tradition and heritage by decorating our pandal in ‘Sabeki’ pattern. Maa Durga will be beautifully adorned in ‘Daker Saaj’.

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Feel free to Contact Us for any information regarding any celebration in our locality.
Phone No. – 9231583241
Address –32/52A, Chandi Ghosh Rd, Kudghat, Ashok Nagar, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700040
Email ID – ryma.kolkata@gmail.com

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