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We are a 95-year-old organization, established in the year 1924, we haven’t stopped serving our locality since then. Turning the pages of our golden memoir, we go back to the time when there was no such organization to arrange social events for its locality. We help the residents of our society to participate in social gatherings and to nurture their talents and creativity through cultural performances. Games and sports are also an integral part of our organization. Thus, to harmonize, spread and preserve the talents, societal love, and creativity in the locality our founder Sri Sunil Chandra Das also known as ‘Dadamoni’ along with few esteemed beings of our society established this organization “Russa Young Men’s Association” (R.Y.M.A) in 1924. From the time of our founders and till today we organize the most famous Football Tournament of our locality, every year in the Corporation or Wireless Park. Apart from this we also host cultural events like drama, folk-theatres, etc occasionally. The most important event of R.Y.M.A is the Russa Sarbojonin Durgotsab which was started by our founders. This is the oldest sarbojonin puja of our locality.Our organization achieved many praises after our founders developed the ancient “Sitala Mandir” in our locality. Also, the present club building was built by our founders just beside the wireless park, which was popularly known R.Y.M.A.

Upcoming Event

Russa Sarbojanin Durgotsab: This is the 87th year of our prestigious Durga Puja. This year also we have decided on preserving the tradition and heritage by decorating our pandal in ‘Sabeki’ pattern. Maa Durga will be beautifully adorned in ‘Daker Saaj’.

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Feel free to Contact Us for any information regarding any celebration in our locality.
Phone No. – 9231583241
Address –32/52A, Chandi Ghosh Rd, Kudghat, Ashok Nagar, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700040
Email ID – ryma.kolkata@gmail.com

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